Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nigeria qualifies for the final of the 2014 Under-20 Women's Soccer World Cup

Today (08/20/14), Nigeria's Under-20 Women's Soccer World Cup team destroyed its North Korean counterpart, 6-2, to qualify for the final of the 2014 tournament. This elegant, cohesive and all-conquering Nigerian team played another thrilling, entertaining and richly skillful game to overcome its North Korean counterpart. The first half ended 2-1, but Nigeria scored four more world-class goals in the second half, while North Korea netted in a penalty kick. Clearly, the Nigerian side dominated the second half. 

This game was as fast-paced, entertaining and technically-sophisticated as previous ones. This past Sunday, this exciting and confident Nigerian team demolished New Zealand, 4-1, to qualify for today's super successful semi-final game. 

In this tournament, this Nigerian team has convincingly proven itself to be a rugged group that exudes and inspires confidence. A well-blended collection of highly-skilled players, this soccer team is so strong, so technically-oriented, so agile, so manifestly disciplined and so determined that I will be unpleasantly surprised if it fails to win the golden trophy for the 2014 under-20 women’s world cup soccer competition. As I stated previously, I cannot wait to see this glorious team win the under-20 women's World Cup. At least, such a victory will serve as a consolation for the heart-break that we lovers of soccer suffered when the Super Eagles of Nigeria crashed out of the group of 16 during the recently-concluded 2014 senior World Cup Cup extravaganza in Brazil.

Please, join me in saying a rousing and befitting salute to this crop of adorable, gifted, richly skilled, determined, cohesive, self-confident and soccer-loving Nigerian teenagers!!! No doubt, the sky is their limit!